About me and this blog


About me

My name is Petr Hota. I am in my forties. I live in London with my wife Dita and our son Timmy. I have a manager’s job and technical/IT background.

I have lots of interests and not enough time for any of them so I would describe myself as a typical jack of all trades but inevitably master of none.

That is fine by me as I have no aspiration to be master of them all anyway.

The goal is to achieve the result I am happy with.

Many things I do, I do my way. My drive is towards the outcome I would like to achieve even when the solution may seem odd.

I am not afraid to admit a mistake or a failure as there are plenty of them on the way if you are trying something new or different.

About this blog

I’ve started this blog to record together tips & tricks I use myself and would like to share (and no to forget them). I think someone could find them useful. As this is just my “personal” blog, I will cover a variety of topics. That apparently, isn’t the best approach to do a blog. Well, I am not planning to live off it, so I am not that bothered.

What I am bothered with is the quality of the information I present here. I do acknowledge that time is the most precious commodity one has. I am not planning to waste either yours or mine.

The tips & tricks presented here may change with time. Everything evolves, and so does my point of view on different topics or solutions. If I update any of my articles here, I will also state the reasons why I’ve changed my mind.

I am using Amazon and Awin affiliate programs, so if you click at the link to the products and make a purchase, I will earn an affiliate commission.

All the products I’m recommending here are those I use myself – or would use in case of improved versions or as a substitution for them. I only link products I am happy with and feel they can be useful for you as well. If I am aware of an issue with the product, I will mention it.

I hope you will find some of the information here useful and please let me know your opinion or experience in the comments.